Persuasive Copy To Help Sell a Product

contentWhat good is a high quality product if it lacks a great persuasive copy that sells it to consumers? There are hundreds of good products out there that remain undiscovered because of poor marketing. What might have earned you big bucks just got lost in a poor copy’s translation.

In order to have an effective copy, the first thing you need to do is identify your target market. Who will benefit the most from your products? What age group, gender or type of job sets them apart from other people? This allows you to do a market research and study different persuasion techniques to know which are most effective for a particular group. You can find hundreds of tips just flying around the internet. If you want to sell your product, you’ve got to be diligent because your competition is everywhere.

In composing your copy you must have a headline that truly POPS! This is in order to catch your reader’s attention. Failing in this area will fail the whole copy. In your headline, focus on offering the strongest benefit of your product to the reader. This will immediately hook those who are already looking for that solution. Many writers mistake saving the strongest benefit for the last part. This can work sometimes but stating it in the intro is more effective in most cases.

Sell your product as a solution for some need. With the decline in economy, not many people today spend as much. If you offer them something that they think they need then they won’t consider it as a waste of money. Be sure to stress all the benefits of your product and not just define its features. For example in selling diet pills, do not just say that Lipodrene is the active ingredient, show how it works too. Also, include what makes your product different from the competition.

Another important characteristic of a persuasive copy is it should be able to establish your credibility as seller. The reason more people buy from a more expensive brand with product that is almost equal in quality as a local one is because they already trust the service. Get feedback from your consumers and include them in your copy to gain trust from your target market. But be sure to deliver on your promises or you will lose credibility which can not be won over by even the cleverest and most persuasive copy there is.

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